Cloudflare Configuration

(Free Version)

Don’t keep your website security at risk.

Yes, your website security may have at risk if you don’t take proper security measures.

But doing this can be a nightmare for beginners.

Cloudflare can help increase your website security as well as performance.

The best part is, it’s free. And you don’t need to install anything on your server.

Cloudflare Benefits

  • A free CDN service that offers unlimited bandwidth
  • Provides a high level of security and reliability
  • Protects your blog from DDoS attacks and malware
  • Supports HTTP/2 load balancing for better performance
  • Offers free SSL certificate and email routing
  • Allows HTML, CSS, and JavaScript minification
  • Provides DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extension)
  • Allows browser caching; double-up your website speed
  • And, countless… (learn more)

What I’ll Do For You

  • Proper DNS (Domain Name System) configuration
  • Enable DNSSEC (DNS Security) to prevent domain hijacking
  • Configure WAF (Web Application Firewall) to protect against hacking attacks
  • Create a free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for your domain
  • Proper caching and speed optimization
  • Configure page rules for avoiding Google’s penalty
  • Integrate Google Tag Manager with Cloudflare
  • And, all others that Cloudflare offers for free