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A lot of businesses rely heavily on software to run their operations, but software development can be difficult and time-consuming.

That’s why there are a lot of businesses turning to AI to automate tasks, so they can focus on growing their business and taking it to the next level.

Cogniflow is the easiest and most intuitive way to build AI models with text, audio, or images without writing a single line of code.

It’s a cloud-based platform that allows you to train, deploy, and use AI models in three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The platform comes with a guided onboarding process that will walk you through the whole process. You’ll learn how to build your first model, run it on data, and train it to work in your favor.

You can use Cogniflow’s pre-trained models. These are ready-to-use AI models that have already been trained on large datasets, and they’re perfect for running a number of common applications.

Whether you want to build your own AI model or use pre-trained models, you can use the platform to perform all kinds of AI tasks.

You can analyze text, image, and audio files; you can detect emotions, sentiments, and other key information in these files.

You can also use the platform to run common tasks, such as speech to text conversion, spoken language identification, and automated customer service.

Use the pre-trained models or train your own models, you can start using AI in your workflow right away. You’ll find that it’s much easier than you think, and you’ll see big benefits in just a few days.

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Highlights (TL;DR)

  • Build any AI model from text, audio, or images without writing a single line of code.
  • Get full native support for AI text models in three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • Train your AI models with native data, or use Cogniflow’s pre-trained models.
  • Use pre-trained models for popular use cases, like spoken language identification, emotion detection, and object detection in photos.
  • Best suited for — AI developers, researchers, and data scientists.
  • Alternative to — Google Cloud AI.

60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

License Tier 1 : $79

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