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Dive Lifetime Deal | Meeting Scheduling & Management

Meetings are often the most important time to make progress on a project and ensure all members are aligned around the team’s goals.

But it can be challenging to plan in advance, keep everyone on track, and keep track of items that aren’t due yet.

But not with Dive.

Dive is a cloud-based meeting scheduling platform that lets you run productive meetings and engage with attendees to keep projects moving forward.

Simply create a team and add a calendar, like Google Calendar or Outlook, to see your meetings in one place.

After that, invite your team members, set a start and end time, and then select the time zone and conference type for your call.

When the meeting starts, participants can connect their phone, tablet, or laptop, and you can see who is connected.

Once the meeting is over, you can send an invite to everyone’s email address and share the meeting’s recording.

In short, Dive makes it easy for your team to collaborate on the meeting agenda and notes in advance, and all they have to do is attend.

Highlights (TL;DR)

  • Run efficient and productive meetings that keep teams focused and on track.
  • Choose from pre-built meeting templates and customize them for your needs.
  • Set a timer to schedule a period for each agenda item.
  • Use the meeting reminder feature to stay on track.
  • See the meeting agenda in real time with activity boards.
  • Best suited for: C-suite, project managers, and remote teams.
  • Alternative to: Dockethq, Fellow.app, and Notion.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

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