Complete Cloudflare Configuration (Free Version)

Don’t Keep Your Website Under Hacking Attacks

Cloudflare Benefits

  • A free CDN service that offers unlimited bandwidth
  • Provides a high level of security and reliability
  • Protects your blog from DDoS attacks and malware
  • Supports HTTP/2 load balancing for better performance
  • Offers free SSL certificate and email routing
  • Allows HTML, CSS, and JavaScript minification
  • Provides DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extension)
  • Allows browser caching; double-up your website speed
  • And, countless… (learn more)

Happy customers say

What I’ll do for you

  • DNS configuration
  • Enable DNSSEC to prevent domain hijacking
  • Configure WAF to protect against hacking attacks
  • Create a free SSL certificate
  • Proper caching and speed optimization
  • Configure page rules for avoiding Google’s penalty
  • Integrate Google Tag Manager with Cloudflare
  • And, all others that Cloudflare offers for free