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Transiyzi Lifetime Deal | Best Way To Localize Your Website

Don’t miss the Transiyzi lifetime deal, if you want to quickly and easily localize and translate your website, marketing materials, and more.


  • Lifetime access to Transiyzi.
  • All future updates are included.
  • All features are based on the plan.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • You may face some bugs. But they are committed to fixing them as quickly as possible.

Localization—a process where companies customize products and services for particular regions—has become an increasingly important part of international commerce.

But having a team of dedicated translators and content writers is expensive and time-consuming.

Transiyzi is a great way to quickly localize, translate, and publish any website content without hiring translators or writers.

Transiyzi is an AI-powered translation software that helps you automate the localization and translation of website and marketing assets.

All you need to do is upload your existing resources or enter the text you want to translate. And with support for over 25 file formats, including JSON, CSV, and PHP, importing and exporting translations has never been easier.

Collaborate directly with translators, suggest translations, and leave comments on the project document. Plus, Transiyzi’s AI-generated machine translations can take contextual details into account, providing even more accurate translations.

You can even add multiple teams and projects to your account, assigning different roles to keep everything organized. And with the white-label feature, you can incorporate your own branding into the platform.

Don’t let language barriers hold you back. Try Transiyzi today and experience hassle-free localization and translation.

Transiyzi Lifetime Deal: Top Highlights

  • An AI-powered web-based tool that streamlines localization and translation.
  • Supports over 25 file formats, including JSON, CSV, and PHP.
  • Collaborate with translators, reviewers, and proofreaders.
  • Allows you to add multiple teams and projects to your account.
  • Supports AI-generated machine translations.
  • Best suited for: Website owners and marketers.
  • Alternative to: Crowdin, Lokalise, and Transifex.

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