Blogger Zia

Hey BZian! This is Ziaur Rahman. In short, Zia.

I’m a full-time digital marketer who is continuously helping various organizations to get more traffic, quality leads, and growth for the last couple of years.

Besides, I’m also a solopreneur. My other projects are –

– Naming & Purpose –

You may have already understood how the blog name came from. Since I do blogging, so I added my nickname after the word ‘Blogger.’

This is my personal blog and online business hub. I created this website for personal branding and selling products and services on the web.

– Earning ways –

Affiliate – Affiliate commission is my main income source. I promote various products and services related to the topic of my posts.

AdSense – I use the Google AdSense program also. A portion of my blog revenue comes from here.

Service – I also provide some services to my clients.

– Social Channels –