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Breakcold Lifetime Deal | CRM For Building Sales Pipeline

Don’t miss the Breakcold lifetime deal, if you want to build and nurture B2B relationships with the right messaging and email automation.


  • Lifetime access to Breakcold.
  • All future updates are included.
  • All features are based on the plan.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Sales professionals, marketers, and business owners.

Breakcold: The All-in-One Sales CRM for B2B Relationship Building!

Breakcold is a powerful sales CRM designed to assist you in building and nurturing B2B relationships across multiple platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and email, all in one convenient place.

With Breakcold, you can effectively manage laser-targeted outreach and curate feeds for segmented B2B lists, such as C-level executives and agencies.

Here’s how Breakcold can benefit your sales efforts:

🎯 Laser-Targeted Outreach:

Breakcold simplifies the management of laser-targeted outreach by allowing you to curate feeds for different segments within your B2B lists. You can easily switch between feeds to view the latest posts from various segments and engage with prospects at the perfect moment. With access to relevant lead information, you can craft personalized messages and strengthen your relationships with potential clients.

📊 Custom Sales Pipelines:

Breakcold empowers you to create custom sales pipelines with as many stages as you require, using dynamic plug-and-play templates. You have the flexibility to customize the appearance of your sales pipeline by modifying the names and colors of each sales stage. This feature enables you to organize your sales cycle effectively and target leads at crucial stages of your sales funnel.

📧 Cold Email Campaigns:

Experimenting with cold email campaigns is made simple with Breakcold. You can create and send unlimited cold email sequences, allowing you to test different approaches and determine which ones generate the highest response rates. Additionally, Breakcold offers the option to trigger sequences with Zapier, providing automation capabilities for your email outreach efforts. Personalize your messages using custom variables or leverage the platform’s cold variable templates to enhance your email campaigns.

Breakcold consolidates your B2B relationship-building activities and sales management into a single platform, enabling you to streamline your processes and maximize your sales potential. By leveraging Breakcold’s features, you can efficiently engage with prospects, customize your sales pipelines, and optimize your cold email campaigns.

Whether you are a sales professional, a business owner, or part of a sales team, Breakcold provides the tools you need to effectively build and nurture B2B relationships, enhance your sales pipelines, and drive success in your sales efforts.