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FAQ: Shop section

In my shop, I sell digital (downloadable) products. They are basically PLR products.

PLR is the short form of Private Label Rights. This means you have the right to edit, change, or modify it however you want.

After all, you own the product entirely! You can do absolutely anything you want with it and no one can stop you.

Some PLR licenses may differ from each other. So it’s always best to check each product’s license.

Licenses may vary depending on the product. My products basically have 5 types of licenses.

  • PUR (Personal Use Rights)
  • CUR (Commercial Use Rights)
  • PLR (Private Label Rights)
  • GAR (Giveaway Rights)
  • RR (Resell Rights)

Please read the Product License section for details.

You will find the types of licenses for each product on the product page.

You can get products in 2 ways:

As a lifetime member, you will get everything that I offer in my shop. All future updates are included in your plan.

Plus, you don’t have to checkout to buy anything. Instead, you will get direct download buttons for each product.

Check out Lifetime Membership Benefits.

There is no restriction on downloads. You may download your owned products at any time without any download limit.

You must require to comply with our product licenses.*

Read my Terms of Services.

I use Google Drive as my storage. If Google Drive is restricted in your country/region, you won’t be able to download the product.

In this case, you can use a proxy server or VPN.

Yes, I do.

In this case, if you’re eligible for a coupon, it will automatically be applied at checkout.

Since I sell downloadable products only, so I do not allow any kind of refund.

And there is no refund on lifetime membership also.

Read my Refund Policy.