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Don’t miss the lifetime deal, if you’re looking for a powerful and simple tool to customize, manage, and track your retargeting links.


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  • Businesses, Bloggers, Marketers, and Webmasters.

Retargeting campaigns are proven to increase conversion rates and boost your marketing team, but they require some setup. You need a streamlined and scalable solution that saves you time while boosting your conversions.

Introducing, a powerful tool that empowers you to customize, manage, and track retargeting links, ultimately boosting your conversions.

With, you can take control of your shared posts on social networks and make them stand out.

Let’s explore the main features of

🔗 Customizable Appearance:

Customize the title, domain, description, and image of your shared post on social networks, ensuring that your links shine and capture attention.

🎯 Retargeting Pixels:

Easily add retargeting pixels to your links, allowing you to reach your audience with tailored ads and increase the effectiveness of your remarketing campaigns.

📈 UTMs and Tags:

Utilize UTMs and tags to track and analyze the performance of your links, gaining valuable insights into the sources and behaviors of your audience.

📍 Geo-Redirect:

Target specific geographic locations by redirecting users to different landing pages based on their location, optimizing your campaigns for different regions.

🔬 A/B Testing:

Conduct A/B testing on your links to identify the most effective variations and optimize your marketing efforts for better conversions.

🔗 Deep Links:

Activate deep links to direct users to specific pages within your mobile app, providing a seamless and personalized user experience.

💡 30+ Advanced Options:

Take advantage of over 30 advanced options to fine-tune your links and maximize their impact. From link expiration and password protection to link cloaking and social media previews, offers extensive customization possibilities. empowers you to optimize your link-sharing strategy and drive more conversions. Get started with today and unlock the potential of your links!