Power Personas Lifetime Deal

Power Personas Lifetime Deal | Customer Persona Creation

Customer personas are an important part of any marketing strategy. But it can be difficult to find out what makes one particular customer tick and whether that personality aligns with your brand.

What if there was a tool that helps you better understand and connect with your audience based on their needs, goals, preferences and behaviors?

Check out Power Personas.

Power Personas is an AI-driven customer persona generation platform that helps you create, personalize, and distribute unique and engaging marketing personas.

You just input the basic demographic and some behavioral characteristics of your ideal customer, and it’ll do the rest.

It analyzes those characteristics and creates a complete empathy map, as well as specific persona sections for messaging, content creation, nurturing, branding, eCommerce and a complete ICP (Individual Customer Profile).

Then you can personalize each persona by adding the appropriate details such as company name, job title, and others.

And, you can easily share your customized marketing personas and ICPs with your teammates, clients, and prospects.

Highlights (TL;DR)

  • Create, customize & share unique marketing personas and ICPs.
  • Identify the best ways to attract, engage & convert your customers.
  • Automatically identify the key traits, tendencies and characteristics of your audience.
  • Use the empathy map to understand your audience at a deeper level.
  • Best suited for: marketers, small businesses and startups.
  • Alternative to: Adobe Indesign, Canva, and Microsoft Powerpoint.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

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