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Voxpopme Lifetime Deal | Video Surveys For Customer Feedback

Don’t miss the Voxpopme lifetime deal, if you want to capture and organize customers’ real-life responses to your survey questions.


  • Lifetime access to Voxpopme.
  • All future updates are included.
  • All features are based on the plan.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Marketers, Product designers, and Product managers.

Gaining valuable insights from your customers is crucial for business success. Traditional surveys may not always capture the depth and authenticity of customer feedback.

What if you could connect with your customers through video surveys and create a searchable library of their responses?

Introducing Voxpopme, the innovative platform that revolutionizes the way you collect and organize customer feedback.

With Voxpopme’s video surveys, you can engage with your customers directly and capture in-depth, self-recorded responses to your most important business questions.

Let’s explore the key features of Voxpopme:

📹 Video Surveys:

Voxpopme offers a wide range of ready-made survey templates designed to collect rich, self-recorded video responses from your customers. These surveys can be completed at the convenience of your customers, ensuring their engagement and providing valuable insights.

📋 Custom Surveys:

Tailor your surveys to target specific questions and goals. Whether you’re testing concepts, improving journey maps, or collecting testimonials, Voxpopme allows you to create custom surveys that align with your objectives.

🔍 Searchable Library:

Build a comprehensive library of recorded customer surveys, ensuring that no video clip gets lost in the shuffle. Import interviews or focus group recordings and easily embed them into your generated content. Voxpopme centralizes all your video conversations in one place for easy management.

📊 Transcription and Analysis:

Voxpopme automatically transcribes, analyzes, and organizes video responses by theme, saving you time and effort. Identify key trends, patterns, and common threads in the videos without having to watch them all yourself. Gain valuable insights from your customers with ease.

🎥 Highlight Reels:

Create highlight reels from video responses that showcase your customers’ perspectives. Use the user-friendly editing tools to break clips down into key moments, add slides, subtitles, and music. Share these reels online, embed them on your website, or host them on a password-protected landing page.

Voxpopme empowers you to capture genuine customer feedback through video surveys and gain meaningful insights that drive your business forward. Start leveraging the power of customer voices with Voxpopme today.